Christy Brewer, CRNA

Healthcare & Medicine

Located in Somerset, KY, Christy Brewer is a Nurse Anesthetist for Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital. A graduate of Eastern Kentucky University, Christy holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and a Master of Science in Nurse Anesthesia from Mountain State University, located in West Virginia.

It’s simple to spot after only one conversation with her, but Christy’s work in the medical community is a direct overflow of her care for people. The multiple degrees and the countless hours of work weren’t for accolades and awards. For Christy Brewer, delivering a patient-first experience is of first importance, and it’s something she’s strived to do, regardless of the sacrifice required on her part. As a result of this passion for people, Christy is active in training the future generation of medical professionals, teaching student registered nurse anesthetists, medical students, and physician residents. 

Throughout her career, Christy Brewer has served at Park Ridge Health, Greenville Health Systems, Mat-Su regional Medical Center, and Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital. In each position, commitment to excellence was honored, and patients were regarded as top-priority.

Honors, Affiliations, and Certifications

For outstanding work, dedication, and care, Christy was awarded a Citation for Heroism from the Governor of West Virginia in 2008, and was honored by the HCTC Association Nursing Program Advisory Committee in 2005 and 2006. She also received The Kentucky House of Representatives Community Service Award in 2005, and received the Kiwanis Citizenship Award in 1995 and 1997.

As a member of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), Christy is proud to play her part in delivering exceptional, quality care.

In 2010, Christy compiled some of her work and thoughts on Anesthesia into her book, Attitudes on the use of Music during Anesthesia Administration, which can be found here. The book explores the various ways medical providers have sought to soothe and comfort patients from a variety of ailments, music being one of those mediums of healing and comfort. In a world of increasing technology, Christy Brewer manages to recognize the benefits of modernity while encouraging medical professionals to remember more organic mediums – such as music – that can help sooth patient anxiety and improve patient comfort.

Personal Life

A mother of two wonderful children and a loving wife of 23 years, Christy Brewer loves spending time with her loved ones, especially if those moments are spent outdoors. A travel enthusiast, Christy has hiked in places like Hawaii, and once drove from Virginia to Alaska. “I could have taken a plane,” she adds. “But I would have missed out on all the beautiful scenery along the way; 14 different types of animals and a glacier lake with water so scenic it was almost purple!”

In her free time, Christy enjoys painting, writing, refinishing furniture, decorating, and cooking. 

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